TING'S is a treasure trove of Chinese items from the past, selling everything from Chinese dolls and porcelain to knick knacks and party goods.

Mrs. Ting, 83, is the owner of TING'S, which opened in 1958. Originally from Hong Kong, she emigrated to the U.S. to start the shop after meeting her late husband, who was Chinese American. The store is filled to brim with hard-to-find items from Greater China, which all tell stories about Chinese culture.

Vintage postcards

Mrs. Ting and her late husband converted the location of TING'S at 17 Pell Street from an old traditional Chinese medicine shop. The husband-wife duo bought these postcards during their past travels together in Taiwan and China.

Chinese Porcelain

The store has shelves full of ornate plates, bowls, tea cups, spoons, and snuff bottles--small containers which were used during the Qing dynasty for powdered tobacco. There are also statues of Guanyin, the goddess of mercy.

Mini Opera Masks

On the wall of the store are these decorative, hand-painted Chinese opera masks that can be worn on clothing as pins. “You can’t find these anywhere else now,” Mrs. Ting says. -- Contributed by Arthur Tam


17 Pell St

New York, NY